Your requirements.
Our solutions.

The starting point of our Medical-HD® product development process comes from the specific requirements needed in the field of Minimally Invasive Medicine. To gain an in-depth insight into current clinical care and actual workflows, we have access to a worldwide network. This network consists of consulting physicians, distributors and large customers.

Ongoing exchange and detailed feedback from our network are essential for us. Both shape the development process of the Medical-HD® Camera Systems and provide the basis for optimal solutions.

The technical capability of Medical-HD® covers the entire imaging chain. With our Cameras, we are able to cover the requirements of various medical disciplines. Medical-HD® Cameras offer specifically targeted profiles that optimally support the diagnosis and treatment for an assortment of medical applications. Our customers benefit from reliable, natural colors and brilliant resolution.

Ergonomics and usability of the Medical-HD® Cameras are constantly being further developed. Here we owe the user-friendly design of the Cameras to the active exchange of information with doctors, nurses and usability experts. It turns out that our customers place great trust in the quality of our Cameras, and very much appreciate their reliability. Our extensive understanding in development, approval and product design, allows the line of Medical-HD® Cameras to be a global success.